Top Ten #62

sourdough cover.jpeg

1.  Ruth Allman, Alaska Sourdough:  The Real Stuff By a Real Alaskan 


2.  Heron Oblivion, s/t (Sub Pop)

sample track:  "Beneath Fields"

3.  Meg Baird, Don’t Weigh Down the Light

sample track:  "Back To You"

4.  45 Years (2015), dir. Haigh

5.  Ben McGrath, "The Wayfarer:  A Solitary Canoeist Meets His Fate," The New Yorker, December 14, 2015

6.  Bob Dylan, John Birch Society Blues

sample track:  "I'll Keep It With Mine"

7.  Mustang (2015), dir. Ergüven

8.  The FeeliesTime For a Witness (Bar None)

sample track:  "Doin' It Again" (don't be a fool--watch this video!)

10.  DIIVIs The Is Are (Captured Tracks)

sample track:  "Mire (Grant's Song)"

p.s.  R.I.P.  Jim Harrison*


* My favourite part of the New York Times obituary:  "All these ingredients [eating, drinking, drugging, and hobnobbing] were titanically encapsulated in a dinner Mr. Harrison once shared with Orson Welles, which involved, he wrote, 'a half-pound of beluga with a bottle of Stolichnaya, a salmon in sorrel sauce, sweetbreads en croûte, a miniature leg of lamb (the whole thing) with five wines, desserts, cheeses, ports' and a chaser of cocaine."